BETO Sleep Coach is an IoT device to collect reliable data in infant care and it will analyze data with its own elaborate algorithm reviewed by pediatricians to provide customized solution for each babies.

We, BETO Korea Co., Ltd., hope BETO Sleep Coach help to make happy family and healthy baby for world.

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Why Sleep?

The quality of sleep during childhood, especially infant, decides not only healthy growth but also happiness in the future.

Why sleep is so important for children,
especially for infant?


of new mom’s biggest concerned is infant sleep problem

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4.2 times

Obesity rates of children who had sleep problem before the first birthday when they are 6years old

Évelyne Touchette et al.『SHORT SLEEP DURATION AND PEDIATRIC WEIGHT - Associations Between Sleep Duration Patterns and Overweight/Obesity at Age 6』, SLEEP, 2008

1hour 8minutus

Sleep less than western infant

 insufficient sleep of infant is as serious as adult. [Yonhap NEWS] 2016.02.19


Of growth hormone secrete during sleep.

‘Sleep and Human Growth Hormone’ , [Advancing Better Sleep], 2017.05.26

12hours ~ 16hours

The minimum requirement of sleep time to infant until the first birthday.

Shalini Paruthi, MD et al.『Recommended Amount of Sleep for Pediatric Populations: A Consensus Statement of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine』, Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 2016

BETO Sleep Coach will provide better sleep to your baby & yourself.